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Give Monthly with Greater Impact!

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For the cost of one class, you can change a life

Join YGB’s Gratitude Circle with exclusive membership with a donation as little as $10 a month or minimum of $108 one time contribution.

Gratitude Circle members receive a full access to 150+ world top quality sessions donated by global leaders of yoga asana, kirtan, midfulness and spiritual communities at our annual "Gala" and "Global Gathering for India"

India’s inequality and unemployment are at record high due to the effects of the prolonged pandemic. We cannot sit back and enjoy the benefits of YOGA for ourselves, only.

Your generous contribution has already provided light to so many lives through YGB's programs, in addition to the emergency relief efforts of providing food, medical kits and sanitary napkins.

Here is a snapshot of what YGB has been able to commit so far, adding 1000 women and children to a total of 2400 lives, in partnership with 3 NGOs in Karnataka and West Bengal:

  • Added 70 young children to continue their education with safe life environments, while avoiding child labor and/or child marriage - a total 600 children.
  • Added 50 mothers to our micro loan program - a total 545 mothers.
  • Added 113 boys and girls to our five-year "Scholarship for Higher Education" (SHE) - a total 400 students to attain college degrees.
  • 800 children with Project Shaale to support education gap among poor children due to 18- month school closure due to the pandemic.

It's estimated that 300 million people worldwide practice yoga, generating $80 billion every year. If a fraction of this is redirected, we can make a life changing difference.

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*Check Charity Navigator Report and GuideStar Report.