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For the cost of one class, you can change a life

Your generous contribution helps YGB to empower more than 3,000 lives today, adding 1000 women and children in partnership with 2 NGOs in Karnataka and West Bengal: Deenabandhu and Nishtha.

  • Added 70 young children to continue their education with safe life environments, while avoiding child labor and/or child marriage - a total 600 children.
  • Added 50 mothers to our micro loan program - a total 545 mothers.
  • Added 113 boys and girls to our five-year "Scholarship for Higher Education" (SHE) - a total 400 students to attain college degrees.
  • 800 children with Project Shaale to support education gap among poor children due to 18- month school closure due to the pandemic.

It's estimated that 300 million people worldwide practice yoga, generating $80 billion every year. If a fraction of this i redirected, we can make a life changing difference. Please read our amazing journey in 15th Year Anniversary Report.

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Together, we are creating an eternal GRATITUDE, circulating around the world.

*Check Charity Navigator Report and GuideStar Report.