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Help poor women and children in West Bengal survive

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My heart is crying. A lot of people in West Bengal are suffering to the bone right now. Many women and children of NHISTHA that we have been supporting through Yoga Gives Back for many years. They were doing so great, being the example of empowerment, girl power in essence. “We lost hope. We are destroyed...," was the first message coming in from our NHISTHA sisters. Cyclone Amphan hit the region very hard. Many fragile homes in the villages are destroyed. NISHTHA team is working in the field with medical supplies and necessities to start rebuilding lives devastated by this cyclone in addition to COVID-19. Social Distancing is physically impossible in evacuation centers. It’s a heartbreaking situation.


West Bengal is the number one state of India where trafficking of young girls and women takes place. Thousands of girls fall in the trap of ‘a good job somewhere else’ or a husband to be that appears to be a pimp and are being brought to brothels or private establishments to be a sex slave for life.

For over 35 years NISHTHA is trying to make a change in this, founded by women to empower women to fight for equal rights, equal opportunities and equal dignity.

Yoga Gives Back is supporting NISHTHA for almost ten years now in providing micro credits, loans and scholarships, for currently over 500 women with micro loans and 700 girls with education funds. NISHTHA is the first NGO that made me so deeply aware of the meaning and importance of empowerment. This is Shakti in its pure essence. These Indian spice girls show what real girl power is all about. Meaning ‘devotion’ in Bengali, NISHTHA is uniting the female energy in the rural areas and work together on equal rights, respect and deliberation of this deeply rooted pattern that captured them for ages, supporting more than 250 villages and more than 10000 women and girls at the moment. Women are able to breathe again. For the first time in their life they make sense. Dependent on no one and in the same time feeling not alone anymore. Life wasn’t meant for suffering. Women's oppression is coming to an end in West Bengal. It’s so great to see the transformation in the lives of many women and girls here throughout the years. I’m incredibly grateful to have felt and experienced again what empowerment is in the last years since I have been coming there. Step by step things are changing and women in the state with the highest rate of sex trafficking, domestic violence and child marriage are standing up and fighting back, creating a solid foundation for their own universe, that of their sisters and many generations after!

Now a truly unexpected challenge stands in front of us. COVID-19's lockdown has affected our sisters severely added by this historic Cyclone Amphan, destroying homes and infrastructure. More than ever they need our support. We can’t change the world, but we can be the change in the world like Gandhi said. I hope we can do this by love and compassion. Join me in supporting real change. Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Help us empower women and children in Mother India to build sustainable livelihoods for Yoga Gives Back. Please make a little donation today and give these women & children their power back.

Also, I invite you to join my weekly donation based online heart opening sequences to generate love, compassion and light for everyone that is suffering right now in a flow of heart openers with gentle kindness. Suitable for everyone, no experience needed, just an open heart. We will do poses and more than that. All donations will go to YGB to support these women and children. See my social media for more info on the dates and times.