Join our ONE MILLION YOGIS CAMPAIGN to give back to Mother India image

Join our ONE MILLION YOGIS CAMPAIGN to give back to Mother India

Your personal fundraiser will create the force of ONE MILLION YOGIS!!

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What if One Million Yogis came together to give back?

We are asking our most dedicated and passionate supporters to inspire their friends, family, and communities to support our work by providing sustaining help to more mothers and children in Mother India. Just set your goal of how many people you want to reach out and start your own campaign!!

There are estimated 300 million yogis worldwide and our goal is to reach to ONE MILLION YOGIS who will donate as little as $ 5 a month, or any amount.

This is not a dream.

Together, we can start a sustainable revolution of giving.

Starting your fundraiser is easy and it's fun. We give you the simple tools you will need to make an immediate difference.

$5 a month can give Education Materials for 12 Children.

$15 a month can give Higher Education for 1 Teenager.

$25 a month can give Micro Loans for 11 Women Potters.

$45 a month can give Elementary Education for 3 Girls.

$100 a month can give Caring Home for 2 Orphan Children.

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You will get these tools to help you run a successful campaign:

Pre-Built Templates

Send emails and social media messages to supporters based on expert-tested templates.

A Smarter Donation Page

Solicit more donations with proven-success templates established from industry best practices.

Automated Notifications & Emails

Keep your campaign on track with various automated features designed to get you closer to your goal.

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