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We can provide education for children and micro-loans for mothers

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Join me in supporting real change. Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Help us empower women and children in Mother India to build sustainable livelihoods for Yoga Gives Back

Since I'm so grateful for the gift of yoga, that has personally transformed my life, again I have set up a personal fundraiser to support poor women and children in India. This year I'm going back to YGB Sister Aid project Deenabandhu Trust, Chamarajanagara, India in September to volunteer as psychologist and yoga teacher and will be celebrating my birthday with all the orphans in a big yoga event that I will organize that day! And I have one big wish for my birthday this raise as much funding as possible to give back to the country that gave us the gift of yoga! For 375 euro per year we can support an orphan in their daily needs with a place to live, food, clothes and and good education.

Being a dedicated ambassador of Yoga Gives Back, I already organized many events in the last years to raise funding and awareness for the women and children in India, the country where yoga has its origins. In 2014 I decided that the time had come to really give back at the source in order to mobilize the global community by setting an example to take action instead of just donating. In India, for children, since they are the essence of existence. That was my deepest motivation to volunteer at orphanage Deenabandhu Trust. In the last years I went to volunteer here on a regular basis by supporting the orphans directly in practice (psychotherapy and yoga) and by raising funds for them to grow and develop to their full capacity. To reinforce this, I've climbed the Kilimanjaro mountain in 2015, dedicated to the orphans in Deenabandhu and raised an amount of almost 12000 euros with this. For me, planting a seed on the top of the world for love and acceptance was a dream that came true.

In 2016 I set up another fundraiser with the goal of creating a warm nest for the orphans by supporting them directly in practice and by raising donations to be able to create a total make over of their bed rooms and provide them with a caring house mother, which raised almost another 5000 euro. Now the story continues, since there's still much work to do. I keep on taking action and hope this will inspire many others to give as well.

Join me in starting a sustaining revolution of giving. Help a child to reach the sky! Together we can make a difference.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Yoga Gives Back. This way, yoga can transform and make a difference in many lives of Indian mothers and children with micro loans and education funds.