Tim Feldmann
Tim Feldmann's Fundraiser

YGB provides education for children and micro-loans for mothers

My hope and goal is to have 100 of you good people join me in this campaign. only $5 a month can do serious good!

Hi there.

Two things on my mind today:

EKAM: Join me on June 21st, International Yoga Day, at South Point Park in Miami Beach @ 6:30pm for a fun sunset yoga class with Kino MacGregor & Tim Feldmann.

DWE: More importantly, would you help me help Yoga Gives Back help women and children in India to build sustainable livelihoods? YGB has this initiative where as little as $ 5 a month can do some real good and give some gratitude back to the Mysore community in India without whom non of ashtangis would be ashtangis. The ONE MILLION YOGIS campaign, intends to inspire for real change. If you can please do support just like the Mysore community supported us. Don't mistake, this a small, lean and efficient philanthropic foundation - Yoga Gives Back.org!

With love,Tim

$5 a month can give Education Materials for 12 Children.

$15 a month can give Higher Education for 1 Teenager.

$25 a month can give Micro Loans for 11 Women Potters.

$45 a month can give Elementary Education for 3 Girls.

$100 a month can give Caring Home for 2 Orphan Cildren.