Siva Mohan
Siva Mohan's Fundraiser

If you are a mother, please watch this short video.

$5 to align your words and actions with your intention to revere mothers.

$666 towards $1,008

Perhaps the scariest thing for any mother is to not be able to protect her child- to not be able to give that child what it needs to thrive.

My WHY (and my amma's story) below.

If you are a single mother, or were raised by one, you know the challenges and marginalization.

Supported mothers and educated children raises EVERY measure of societal development and progress. It makes EVERY THING better GLOBALLY.

Let's do this.

Give what you feel like. Even $5 goes a long way.

"When any Indian woman is widowed at a young age she is discriminated against and socially excluded. Society unjustly blames her for the death of her husband. It is believed that his death is because of her bad effect on him."

Let's empower motherhood with YGB.

THANK YOU so much for caring.

LOVE, Siva

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