Nicky Donald
Nicky Donald's Fundraiser

We can show our gratitude for what yoga has given us, by giving back to others.

Join me and help make a difference, by empowering women and children in India through education, financing and compassion in action. Together we can create opportunities to build sustainable livelihoods that results in real transformative change.

$200 towards $1,000

There are so many people who have helped me in my life to be in the position of being able to be a yoga teacher today. I want my yoga practise to demonstrate my appreciation of this help, and to continue to serve one of the most important purposes of my life - to compassionately help others!

Therefore I have chosen to raise funds for an organisation that helps me to meet these goals, through giving others the ability and resources to fulfil their dreams and goals. Yoga Gives Back is an organisation driven by compassion and empowerment of women and children in India, the birthplace of Yoga.

So whilst we discover together the benefits of the many ways in which yoga can help us, all donations to my fundraising campaign will be supporting real change in the lives of others. Let's support good in the world, we can make a difference!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Yoga Gives Back:

$5 a month can give Education Materials for 12 Children.

$15 a month can give Higher Education for 1 Teenager.

$25 a month can give Micro Loans for 11 Women Potters.

$45 a month can give Elementary Education for 3 Girls.

$100 a month can give Caring Home for 2 Orphan Children.

You can also make a one off donation by entering your chosen amount in the box and selecting an end date for the same day on the payment details page